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Everyone wants to succeed in making their important deadlines. Here are some tips that can help!

Understanding Your Project πŸ“‹

Before starting any assignment or project you need to ask yourself first what is being asked?

I recommend asking many questions when first discussing the project, whether it be with your manager or team so you can thoroughly understand. There are two very important components in making sure your deadline is met successfully. You need to complete the work on time, or ahead of schedule preferably. Then you will need to guarantee that you have done the tasks correctly, and ideally exceed the expectations. Both of these cannot be fulfilled you lack the understanding of the assignment.

Time Management ⏲

With any new project or deadline, it’s helpful to plan ahead.Β 

When you first start your project it’s helpful to create smaller tasks that can be done individually, to eventually meet your goal. Breaking your project down into sub-categories using calendars can help track your progress. You can then add time frames to these tasks to project where the project is heading as far as a timeline is concerned.

Communicate With Your Team βœ…

Teamwork makes the dream work!

No one has all of the answers. So if during your project you run into hurdles, it’s best to address those issues as they arise. Communicating with your team can ensure tasks aren’t being left unchecked, and you are on track to meet your goals. Working together as a team also brings a more creative and collaborative approach to the project. Others will have opinions and ideas that will add value that you may have not considered.

Consider Potential Setbacks πŸ“†

Always expect the unexpected when venturing into a new project, and find solutions ahead of time.

There is always the possibility that there could be issues along the way. It’s beneficial to make a quick shortlist and identify which tasks you can foresee being an issue. Then strategize and write down potential solutions to the problems. When doing this you are cutting down on the time that could be wasted if this should arise. Once again leverage your time effectively to help stay on the right track.

Focus On One Task at a Time πŸ‘

We like to think we’re great at multitasking, but studies have shown this is not the case.

It’s best to devote your energy to one task to completion when working on your project. This is to ensure that mistakes aren’t being made, and accuracy is prioritized. Studies have shown this is a more enjoyable and productive method of working. If you are working with a larger team, ensure everyone is working on their specific tasks that are critical to maintaining the progress of the project.

Utilize Your Strengths πŸ’‘

To get an edge on your deadline it’s encouraged to use your strengths when picking your first tasks.

We’ve all been in school taking a test when we saw answers that we didn’t quite understand, so we moved on to the ones we knew first. This is the same principle you should use for the project deadline. You want to maximize time efficiency by completing tasks that come easy to you. Then decide which tasks you should prioritize that you know will take more attention to complete. This will guarantee that you are ahead of schedule.

Get started Sooner Than LaterΒ  πŸƒβ€β™€οΈ

“The early bird gets the worm” is a saying that’s fitting when it comes to project management.

When you have prepared your plan for your project it’s wise to get started right away and make incremental progress. Remember, these are smaller tasks that, over time will amount to the finished project. Work with a sense of urgency, but avoid widening your scope and stick to your task-managed plan. If you find yourself overwhelmed communicate with your team, or consider delegating the workload to the appropriate team members. Put people in positions that would leverage their strengths and add value.


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