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The workplace environment has changed dramatically over the last few decades, and it’s going to change again in the next few years.

Office trends have changed from cubicles to open spaces, and now they’re moving toward more casual environments with standing desks and open layout concepts. What can we expect to see in 2022? Here are the top 7 office trends we’re seeing right now, and what we might be seeing in 5 years’ time!

1) A move towards more shared spaces 🙌

Office space is currently dominated by large, individual private offices. However, we are beginning to see a move towards smaller private offices that take up less square footage and more shared spaces such as lounge areas and recreational rooms.

These flexible shared spaces are also expected to grow in popularity among both companies and telecommuters as advances in virtual meeting technology allow for remote workers to appear physically present with colleagues regardless of physical location.

2) Collaborative team rooms will grow in popularity ✍

Collaborative team rooms have proven to be a great way for people to work together, brainstorm, and innovate.

As these trends grow in popularity in today’s tech-savvy workplace, they will become more common and be found in a number of industries including financial services, retail, logistics and more. Collaborative team rooms are increasing in popularity because of their design and technology.

3) Open plan is better than cubicles ✅

Open-plan offices create a collaborative and creative environment which, according to research from Harvard Business Review, can boost employees’ productivity.

Additionally, multiple studies have shown that open plan offices can increase morale and even improve employee satisfaction! One study found that workers in an open plan office feel more engaged with their work, have increased satisfaction with their jobs and feel their employers care about them as individuals.

4) Virtual reality and mixed reality are set to hit the office 👩‍💻

We’re sure you’ve heard of virtual reality, but have you ever heard of mixed reality? It’s sort of like VR but with a more subtle approach to using a headset. Companies like Microsoft are looking into using it for your next virtual meeting.

With programs such as AltspaceVR, which allows you to watch television and hang out in online environments with friends and coworkers. We can see virtual meetings becoming commonplace in our future.

5) Standing desks will become standard in offices 🧍‍♂️

Standing desks, which are already on their way to becoming popular in offices, will become standard going forward. New research has shown that workers standing for at least six hours per day experienced a 38% drop in sitting-related musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs).

This drop equates to about $4 billion saved per year due to lower healthcare costs and increased productivity. With ergonomics and health top of mind for businesses, these two statistics make investing in standing desks a no-brainer.

6) Automation in the workplace ⚙

Technology is advancing rapidly, and that means machines and software are able to perform more complicated functions. This allows human employees to take on roles that require critical thinking skills, rather than simple tasks.

And it also means that artificial intelligence and other forms of automation can handle a lot of what used to be handled by humans—automating tasks such as data entry and even simple management responsibilities can help improve time management for other projects.

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