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There’s a lot of great reasons for a golfer of any experience to use golf and putting simulators. Check out these tips from our team before you schedule your next reservation with us.

Weather & Season 🌤

The avid golfer would tell you they would prefer hitting a bogey on the green, rather than on a golfing simulator any day of the week.

The unfortunate reality is that for a lot of us, especially in New England, not every day is ideal for a day of golfing. A golfing simulator can give you the edge to practice regularly no matter if it’s simply a rainy day or the next Nor’easter is approaching. Practice and consistency have a major role in any new endeavor or competitive sport. Using a golfing simulator is just another tool in your arsenal that you can use to sharpen your skills and minimize your downtime not only on the days with bad weather but in the off-season as well.

Feedback & Data 📈

One of the impressive features of a golfing simulator is it can offer the golfer specialized information.

Such as your swing analysis, swing speed, launch angle, spin, distance, and more. It can also tell you how hard your impact is on the ball and what adjustments are needed to help you improve. Not only is a golfing simulator entertaining but it’s arguably a necessity for any highly competitive golfer looking to gain that extra edge. This crucial information is not something you can get in detail with numbers on the green in real life.

Realistic Environments 🌄

With golfing simulators, there is always the question about realism.

How accurate are the environments when compared to real-life games? The issue with older generation simulators is that it felt almost like a novelty game, and less of a simulator. It lacked the immersion and depth of field which is important in the game of golf. With advancements in golfing simulator technology, there are sophisticated sensors, multi-surface mats,  as well as cutting-edge physics to make the experience the best possible. There have also been substantial leaps in weather accuracy in-game to ensure you are practicing in the most realistic environments.

Adjusting to New Equipment 🏌️‍♂️

Golfers are gear enthusiasts. There is always that push to improve your equipment, so you can perform better on the green.

Wouldn’t it be great to practice on the new driver you purchased and gauge your performance before stepping out for a real-life game? That’s where simulators can be a major benefit. If you get a new club that you have been looking forward to using but have no experience with it, you can practice in the simulator and evaluate how your golfing profile data has changed. You can also dial in your distances perfectly to practice your swing until you’re comfortable with your progress.

Build Confidence While Having Fun ⛳

Sometimes it can be daunting or intimidating to venture into a new hobby or sport.

When you’re not prepared or haven’t been practicing enough the confidence in your game can have an effect on your performance. The great thing about golfing simulators is that you can play the game of golf on your own time, in a stress-free, fun atmosphere while improving your skills. Whether you are an avid golfer, competitor, or hobbyist it can be beneficial to keep your game sharp by practicing on a golfing simulator.

Are you looking for the perfect golf and putting simulator right here in New Hampshire?

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